When we had our planning meeting, you gave your time unstintingly, and we were amazed how your calm questioning changed our factual written account of Cathy's life into a warm, vibrant, memory-filled picture of her life.
“ For those of us who believe that death marks the end of a person's life the meaning of life, lies in what we do and achieve in our lifetime.
We believe that there are many ways in which we survive: through the genes passed to our children, through the influence we have on others and in the memories of those who knew us. ”
The British Humanist Association
Supporter of The Natural Death Centre

Other Services

Memorial Ceremony

If you would like to celebrate a person’s life after their cremation or burial I can help you to plan a personal Memorial Ceremony.

Scattering Ashes

I can conduct a ceremony which involves scattering ashes, which can be held at an outdoor location of your choice including the local fells. As well as being a qualified celebrant I hold a Summer Mountain Leadership Award and have wide experience of working in the outdoors.

Funeral Plan

I can work with you to develop your own funeral plan.