Civil Partnership Testimonials

Neither David or I are religious and we wanted to celebrate our big day with all our family and friends. We chose a humanist ceremony as this reflected us as individuals and told our story. This was much more important to us than anything else. David & Matt
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Civil Partnerships

Why choose a Humanist Civil Partnership Ceremony?

Many couples feel that a Civil Ceremony is not personal enough to convey the individuality and uniqueness of their relationship. Civil ceremonies that are conducted by a registrar are governed by laws, which strictly control what can be said and done, and are designed around a standard framework. As well as having limitations in regards to the content of a ceremony there are also restrictions on the time and place. A civil ceremony can only take place at a registered or licensed venue and it is currently not possible to hold a civil partnership ceremony out of doors.

A Humanist Ceremony follows no set format and is written especially for you, reflecting your uniqueness as a couple and the life you share. There are no restrictions in regards to the venue and you can choose an indoor or outdoor setting of your choice.


Couples who choose to hold a humanist Civil Partnership Ceremony regard it as their real celebration, expressing their commitment to each other in the company of their family and friends. However, it does not form a civil partnership in the legal sense. Therefore, most couples also attend a Register Office, usually a day or two before the humanist ceremony, to deal with the legal formalities and obtain a civil partnership certificate. It is not necessary to exchange rings at the Register Office.