When we had our planning meeting, you gave your time unstintingly, and we were amazed how your calm questioning changed our factual written account of Cathy's life into a warm, vibrant, memory-filled picture of her life.
“ For those of us who believe that death marks the end of a person's life the meaning of life, lies in what we do and achieve in our lifetime.
We believe that there are many ways in which we survive: through the genes passed to our children, through the influence we have on others and in the memories of those who knew us. ”
The British Humanist Association
Supporter of The Natural Death Centre

Humanist Funeral

What is a Humanist Funeral?

Humanist ceremonies are non-religious and therefore have no worship or fixed rituals. You don’t have to be a humanist to have a humanist funeral they are appropriate for anyone who would like a non-religious ceremony. The only guideline is that they do not include any religious content such as prayers or hymns. However, it is possible to have a moment of quiet reflection during the ceremony to enable people with religious beliefs to have a private prayer.

“Humanism is a philosophy of life and ethics, based on a concern for humanity and the natural world. Humanists believe that morality comes from within us and is about unselfishness, kindness and consideration towards others. We look to our fellow men and women for fulfilment and mutual support.”