Naming Testimonials

Just to say a huge thank you for the wonderful ceremony you did for Zach’s Naming. It was lovely to hear how much people both enjoyed and related to what was said – as well as how privileged they felt to be part of it. Thank you Angela and Ben
Zachary's Naming Ceremony
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What is a Humanist Naming Ceremony

Many parents feel that they want to celebrate and share their joy of having a child with family and friends but do not feel that they want a traditional christening or religious ceremony. This may be because they do not hold any religious beliefs themselves or because they want their child to be able to choose their own beliefs when they are older.

A Humanist Naming Ceremony is non-religious and therefore has no worship or fixed rituals. They are appropriate for anyone who would like a non-religious ceremony. The only guideline is that they do not include any religious content such as prayers or hymns. However, it is possible to have a moment of quiet reflection during the ceremony to enable people with religious beliefs to have a private prayer.