Wedding Testimonial

We had a fabulous wedding day and thank you for being a part of it. The service was great and lots of friends and relatives commented that it was one of the most personal weddings they have ever been to.
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Nick and Michelle’s Humanist Arnside

Nick and Michelle wanted to get married near Michelle’s family home.  Therefore, chose to hold their humanist wedding in Arnside in the local chapel on Silverdale Road.

Afterwards, Nick and Michelle led a procession through the village to the local hall accompanied by a piper.  Here they held their wedding breakfast and evening celebrations.

An extract from Nick and Michelle’s ceremony:

‘They enjoyed a special first holiday in a cottage in Devon in December 2007. It was just before Christmas and it was during this holiday that their love for each other grew and they discovered more and more that they liked many of the same things: walks in the countryside, pub lunches, cooking and drinking good wine in the evening.

Not much has changed since then. Nick does a lot of the cooking and Michelle likes baking cakes and does most of the washing up!’

Some feedback from Nick and Michelle:

What made you want a humanist ceremony for your wedding ceremony?

We wanted a humanist ceremony as we aren’t religious in a formal sense but wanted a ceremony of some sorts and we like the aspects a humanist ceremony brings – the focus on the couple, their own vows but still the principle of celebrating our marriage.

What did your guests say about your ceremony?

We got so many comments about the day and almost everyone highlighted the ceremony – everyone found it enjoyable and touching. And the venue was great.

Any general comments about my service?

Other feedback is that we really enjoyed the initial meeting, very friendly. At the ceremony you were a very good host, well spoken and made it special. You gave good advice on the vows and we appreciated the flexibility around the wording in the ceremony. You were also very smiley on the day which instantly makes people happy.

Wedding Photography by Jeff Ascough