As parents, Anne and Joe’s foremost wish is to see Jacob develop into an individual who is both happy and content. They would also like him to have a fulfilling life in whatever he chooses and aim to provide both the support and space he needs to enable him to do so.
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Jacob’s Naming Ceremony in Keswick

Anne and Joe chose to hold Jacob’s Naming Ceremony in Keswick at the Skiddaw Hotel.  They had held their wedding celebrations there four years earlier and so it was lovely for them to return with Jacob and celebrate their life as a family. 

Extract from Jacob’s Ceremony:

‘Jacob has grown into a happy and contented baby who loves being surrounded by people.  He has an easy-going attitude to life, just like his dad, and is very cheeky.

He is a real water baby and not only enjoys having a bath every night but also has had a great time going to swimming lessons in Carlisle.

Jacob has had plenty of time to get used to the names that we will give him formally today.  His first name Jacob was chosen by his parents because it was a name they both liked and they felt it suited him when he was born.  He shares his second name, Alexander, with his dad and was given his third name, Derek, after Joe’s paternal granddad.’

Some feedback from Anne and Joe:

Debra provide a personalised and individual service to celebrate the birth of our amazing little man! It was just what we wanted to celebrate with family and friends and it was all about Jacob. Perfect from start to finish. Debra – you are amazing and inspirational!  Thank you