Naming Testimonial

Just to say a huge thank you for the wonderful ceremony you did for Zach’s Naming. It was lovely to hear how much people both enjoyed and related to what was said – as well as how privileged they felt to be part of it. Thank you
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Zachary’s Naming Ceremony Yorkshire

It was important to Angela and Ben to be able to celebrate Zachary’s arrival at their family home.  They chose to hold Zachary’s Naming Ceremony outdoors in their garden, surrounded by close family and friends.  

An extract from Zachary’s Naming Ceremony:

‘Angela and Ben have chosen a humanist ceremony because this best represents how they think and feel. They also believe that Zachary should feel free to make his own choices about what he believes when he’s older.

Today there are three main reasons why we are here: to formally welcome Zachary into the world, to make public declarations of responsibility and to express his individuality and uniqueness in his naming.’

Feedback from Angela and Ben:

What did your guests say about your ceremony?

The overwhelming feeling was how special and touching it was. None of our friends had been to that type of service before.  It was wonderful to see so many people take the time to speak to Debra afterwards and share how much it had touched them…

…There were several hankies being used discretely, as well as some wonderful moments of laughter and much nodding during Debra’s words. A good indication that the right balance was achieved throughout the ceremony!

What will you remember most from your ceremony?

The preparation – spending time with Debra sharing what was important in our life.  It was important to us to involve Daniel, Zachary’s older brother, and talk about what we hoped for Zachary in the future.  Also, choosing readings and music and putting together a Naming Ceremony Book with photos and pages for everyone to sign.

The ceremony – the way Debra had taken our rambling details in the preparation stage and turned them into a wonderful ceremony. How she delivered it with gentle warmth that captivated everyone who attended.

Any general comments about my service?

Special, personal, intimate, professional. A huge thank you for a fantastic day!