Naming Testimonials

No one had been to a humanist ceremony before and they were all really impresssed with it. They thought it was very personal and had a lovely atmosphere
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Florence’s Baby Naming Ceremony

Claire and Jonathan chose to hold Florence’s Baby Naming Ceremony at Beetham Golf Club.  This gave them the option to have their ceremony and refreshments indoors, but also for the children to run about outside.

Extract from Florence’s Ceremony:

‘Birth is a wonder and the beginning of aspirations and dreams. In marvelling at the wonderful nature of children we will endeavour to uphold our commitment to Florence. Our celebration today is an expression of that dedication and represents the foundation for the building of a secure and meaningful life.’

Some feedback from Claire and Jonathan:

What made you want a Humanist Naming Ceremony to celebrate the arrival of your baby?

We wanted to celebrate Florence’s arrival with family and friends but leaving her free to pick her own faith/religion as she grows up.
Friends had told us that they had been to other humanist ceremonies and they had been very personal which was exactly what we wanted.

What will you remember most from your ceremony?

It was everything we had hoped for. There was a lovely atmosphere, it was formal without being too serious. All the children were well behaved and Florence was a little star!

Any general comments about my service? Any improvements?

Everything was lovely, it was nice to meet up before to talk through the ceremony. Email contact was great as it fitted into our busy working life.