'The wedding ring is a circle, a symbol of wholeness, strength, co-operation and eternity. The circle of these rings represents a symbol of your love and strength for each other. '

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Renew your vows

A Vow Renewal Ceremony is appropriate for any married couple wishing to renew their vows.  Each ceremony is written individually so it conveys what is important to you, expressing your life and values.

There are several reasons why you may want to renew your vows.  Such as if you are celebrating a special anniversary or you have married abroad on your own but would like to celebrate your marriage with family and friends. Or perhaps you didn’t have the wedding you would have liked the first time around and now would like to celebrate your marriage in the way that you always dreamed.

A Humanist Ceremony is appropriate for anyone who would like to celebrate their marriage with a non-religious ceremony. The only guideline is that they do not include any religious content such as prayers or hymns. However, it is possible to have a moment of quiet reflection during the ceremony to enable people with religious beliefs to have a private prayer.

A Suggested Outline for a Vow Renewal Ceremony


  • A general outline of what the ceremony will involve
  • Housekeeping points

Bride or Couple’s entrance

How would you like to enter – together or separately?


Your story as a couple

This can include:

  • How you first met
  • Your journey in married life
  • Significant milestones
  • Common interests and hobbies
  • Your hopes for the future

Thoughts on Marriage


Re-exchange of rings/Blessing of the rings

Joint Commitment

Re-declaration as Husband and Wife / Partners for Life

Moment of Quiet Reflection

Closing Remarks

  • Wishing you well for the future
  • What is happening next

For further information about the content of a vow renewal ceremony please download a suggested outline either in Word or PDF format

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