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Breaking the glass at a Jewish Wedding


Breaking the glass at a Jewish Wedding

There are a variety of modern interpretations of this popular custom

Jewish glass & scroll

As with many symbolic acts, a host of reasons are offered to explain why a glass is broken at a Jewish wedding. Here is a collection of some modern interpretations:

~ Breaking the glass can remind a marrying couple that life holds sorrow as well as joy. Standing under their marriage canopy a bride and groom are at the pinnacle of happiness.  Breaking the glass reminds them of their commitment to each other when times are more difficult.

~ A broken glass can symbolize what is broken in society.  Some couples choose to focus their energies on something specific that they wish to repair.  For example, social and economic inequality, or marriage inequality.

~ A more mystical explanation is that the glass represents the couple.  And that just as the glass, when it is broken, enters a state from which it will never emerge.  It is the hope of the community that the couple will never emerge from their married state.

~ Similarly, this custom can be a reminder to the couple of the fragility of relationships, a cue to treat their marriage with special care.

~ The pieces of glass are plentiful, and this can represent the hope for abundant happiness in life, or for many children.

~ Interfaith couples sometimes suggest that, for them, breaking the glass symbolizes breaking down barriers between people of different faiths and cultures.