Naming Testimonials

Everyone said what a lovely ceremony it was. My sister said it was so nice as it was really personalised, another friend said she found it really touching, and everyone enjoyed looking at the photos of Joel over his first 12 months.
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Joel’s Naming Ceremony

Jill and Bill chose to hold Joel’s naming ceremony in Cockermouth close to where Jill’s family live.  The setting for their celebrations was the Trout Hotel where they could hold the ceremony in a relaxed setting and enjoy a special meal afterwards.

An extract from Joel’s Naming Ceremony:

‘Joel has had plenty of time to get used to the names that we will give him formally today.

The name Joel was chosen by his parents because they liked it and they feel it really suits him. His second name is William. They chose it because they felt it was special for him to be named after his dad.’

Some feedback from Jill and Bill:

What will you remember most from Joel’s ceremony?

That’s a tricky one! We both really enjoyed the whole ceremony. I guess things that stand out are everyone joining in the ‘Hokey Cokey’ and looking at the photos of Joel. The whole ceremony was very relaxed and informal and so much more enjoyable and special than any christening I’ve been to.

Any general comments about my service?

I really liked your relaxed, personal, informal style – it helped set the tone for the whole ceremony. It was a good idea to get me to introduce everyone at the beginning as I think it made everyone feel included and made it feel more intimate. I really can’t think of any improvements. You couldn’t have been more helpful from the first phone call we had right up to the ceremony itself.