The ceremony was perfect.  From the beginning, Georgia and I found you very approachable and friendly, even if it was only through e-mail. And when we did actually meet you, it felt like we had met before!
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Al and Paul’s Vow Renewal Windermere

Al surprised Paul with a Vow Renewal on the shores of Windermere

An extract from their ceremony…

Some feedback from Al:

I appreciated you letting me choose what I wanted in the ceremony, using some of my own ideas mixed in with your recommendations and past experiences.

The ceremony was exactly what I wanted and I think Paul was grateful you went through what would be happening before it started.

Everyone who was there, even our friend from Keswick, who doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body, commented on how moving it was and how touching the words were.

The ceremony and the celebration are now a deep and meaningful memory that will stay with us forever.

The strength of the love we felt on that day will help us through our everyday lives.

Thank you for making it so special.’